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i don't understand where people come up with these things.


obviously they are taking things way too seriously. someone should tell them to lighten up.

and being an asian who has been to Japan, the film is NOT racist! if only they could open up their closed-mindedness and realize that lost in translation DOES depict japanese culture accurately.

......so i guess charlotte is racist since she married a caucasian guy..
that's how absurd it sounds to me.

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My very Japanese boyfriend rented LiT on his own, and after he watched it, said "I like how Bill Murray didn't make fun of Japanese, because he could have" and I said "It just captures the bewilderment of a westerner visiting Japan for the first time" and he said "I really liked it."
I got into a major argument with the lost-in-racism people right before the last Oscars. They were trying to keep Academy members from voting for LiT. Don't pay them any mind. They're the kind of people who look for racism wherever they can find it, whether it actually exists or not...
That site and Asian Media Watch were started by someone posting on the IMDb message board for LiT. He (I assume it's a he; it tends to be males who get that o-c in online forums) kept getting banned there for increasingly inflammatory trolling. The loser never reveals his identity and clearly is one of those people who needs to feel important. Probably not even Asian. Rebuttal after rebuttal would come in from Asian Americans and Canadians who had seen the film and found nothing offensive, but he'd keep right on making his case. He's very selective about what films he rails against. How he could overlook the stereotypes in Kill Bill is beyond me. Ignore him. There is no "campaign" against LiT. It's just the one guy, AFAIK.
Yes, the person I corresponded with was NOT Asian, and would respond with arrogant statements like "You are simply wrong." These are not people worthy of serious attention...
thanks for making it clearer for me.
i can now sleep better at night =D