michelle (paperpropaganda) wrote in suntorytime,

hi there

hey everyone, i just joined this and i'm not sure what to say...
but since this is a community for lost in translation fanatics i'll explain how the film deeply touched me.

two years ago i was a lost soul, and like every teenager in the midst of breaking free of their prepubscent image i was insecure and unaware of myself.

until i spent two of the greatest weeks of my life in japan staying with a japanese family in a small secluded town who still keeps their traditions (how they maintain status quo, i'll never know). i learned a lot about myself, and the importance of culturalism. it made me realize that being a americanized asian female growing up in Canada had made me lose my connection with where i came from.

lost in translation, in a way, translated into my life.

corny and cheesy i know...but i can't help it.
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